On March 5, 2021, an online event dedicated to the fair sex was held at the Faculty of Humanities of Zhetysu University on the eve of the celebration of the International Women’s Day on March 8 at the initiative of the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities Tolamisov Amangeldy Gabdylkarimovich.
The event was opened with a congratulatory speech by Amangeldy Gabdylkarimovich, congratulating teachers and faculty members on the holiday. The men of the faculty showed a congratulatory video prepared for the lovely ladies, which not only created a festive atmosphere, but also gave them a warm mood and caused a smile on their faces.
Songs and wishes were sung in honor of mothers, women who became the backbone of the family, the support of peace and harmony, the symbol of beauty. Duysen Sandybayevich Ansabayev read his poem dedication, and Muratbek Mubyrakhanovich Imangazinov presented songs with respect to women. All that was said that day was about a noble mother, a faithful wife, and sweet sisters. The online event did not leave anyone indifferent. The public highly appreciated the work of the men of the Faculty of Humanities.
Happy Spring Holiday-International Women’s Day on March 8!