On April 30, the faculty of the Department of Social and Humanitarian Disciplines held a meeting with students on the topic “Anti-corruption consciousness and anti-corruption culture”. The purpose of the event is to consolidate zero tolerance for corruption as a civic position of young students, strengthen strong immunity to corruption offenses, and publicly deny them. Guest of the event, PhD candidate of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, expert of the “Center for Analysis and Forecasting” of the Department of Internal Policy of the region Mirzakulova G. A. she made a report on the topic: “Anti-corruption consciousness and anti-corruption culture: content, role, and functions”. The chief specialist of the project office “Zhetysu adaldyk alany” Manibekova Ayaulym spoke on the topic “Education of the youth of the anti-corruption worldview” and answered students ‘ questions. Summing up the results of the event, senior lecturer of the department Yenseeva V. T., who shared her accumulated knowledge in this area, focused on the indications of the situation that hinders the slow growth of fund-rich states. The students took an active part in this meeting.