Source of information: Faculty of Humanities

From 05 to 31 May 2021, participants of the project “AP08053050 – Formation of the linguoecological model of education in the Republic of Kazakhstan: theory and practice” underwent an international online scientific internship at the Linguistic and Technical University (Poland). The research internship was organized on the topic “Intra- and extralinguistic factors influencing the formation and development of language personality.” The internship was supervised by Professor of Linguistic and Technical University, Doctor of Philology Kilevaya Lyudmila.

During the internship in the context of modern pedagogical discourse language personality, language personality models, linguistic image of the universe, communicative approaches to the formation of functional literacy, second language personality formation, intercultural competence, basic principles of selection of linguodidactical materials used in the formation of language personality. Theoretical knowledge on the issues and practical tasks were performed. According to the results of the internship, the project participants G.Chukenaeva, A.Abyzova, A.Galimova, G.Tlegenova, E.Sarzhigitov, Sh.Yeleusizova received a certificate confirming the completion of the international scientific internship.