An online curatorial hour on the theme “Spiritual revival – the key to becoming an eternal nation”

On April 15, 2021, at the Faculty of Law and Economics, an online curatorial hour was held on the topic “Spiritual revival – the key to becoming an eternal nation” with a group of Yu-112, 113 students under the educational program “Jurisprudence”. The guests of the event were the lecturers of the Department of Criminal Law Disciplines M. Konysbeokva, G. Zhakupova and A. Bolat.
This event was organized by M. Bazhenova, a lecturer at the department of criminal law disciplines of the Faculty of Law and Economics.
The purpose of this event is to identify the main ideas and priority directions of the article of the Head of State “Looking into the future: modernization of public consciousness”. To instill in students cognitive activity through instilling universal values ​​and deep views, orientation towards love for the Motherland, knowledge of their country, history, education of an educated generation.