Curatorial hour on the theme “Independence – the dream of the Eternal Nation”

On April 8, 2021, an online curatorial hour took place, the 30th anniversary of the independence of Kazakhstan “Independence – the dream of the Eternal Nation”, with 1st year students of the Faculty of Law and Economics, the Jmk-111 and JK-121 group. The open curatorial online lesson was attended by teachers of the department of criminal legal disciplines D. Ashimova, A. Bolat, M. Konysbekova, G. Zhakupova. The online curatorial hour was organized by the 1st year curator M. Bazhenova.
The purpose of this event: To respect the language, history, traditions and literature of our country, as well as to bring our country to the world level, the patriotic education of students. To act confidently, to educate the younger generation to patriotism and morality.