Best Young Scientist-2021

In the project “Best Young Scientists – 2021” among the scientific and educational institutions of the Commonwealth of Independent States, the breast medal “Best Young Scientist-2021” for contribution to the development of science and education was awarded to Guldana Turabay, a first-year doctoral student of the specialty 8D01301 – “Pedagogy and methods of primary education”.

Scientific supervisor Gulmira Mailybaeva, PhD, Associate professor of Zhetysu University named after I. Zhansugurov.

ІІІ International book Publication of the CIS countries “The Best Young Scientist-2021” (Scientists – CIS), organized by the Association National Movement “Bobek”, is a unique project aimed at promoting science and personal success of young scientists of the CIS and Europe. The article “Features of the development of intercultural communication of University students” written by Guldana Turabay was awarded the 1st  degree diploma of the International Association of Young Scientists.