Autumn is a favorite time of the year for many poets, artists, and musicians. It fascinates us with its bright colors, some special, invigorating state of nature, characteristic only for this time of year. The autumn did not leave the first-year students indifferent either.

At the Golden Autumn festival, which took place on 12.10.2021 in the groups DShK 112, MK 111 of the Faculty of Physical Culture and Art, students read poems, sang songs about autumn, whirled in an autumn waltz. Competitions were held “Literary Autumn” – expressive reading of poems about autumn, “Musical autumn” – performance of a song about autumn, “Mysterious autumn” – riddles, questions, quizzes, “Connoisseur of autumn” – knowledge of folk signs: for rain, for clear weather, etc.

Deputy Dean of the Faculty Aslan Maratovich Kulmanbetov and Aidar Toleubayuly Kunbosyn came to congratulate the students on the holiday, of course, it was not without students of the Faculty of Humanities. The jury members were invited 4th-year students of the specialty “Russian language and literature”, who congratulated the first-year students on the holiday and presented diplomas to the winners and active participants of the holiday.

Despite the cold and cloudy weather outside the window, in the 114 auditorium where the holiday was held, it was warm and cozy, smiles shone. The first student joint holiday was a success. Physical education students and musicians tried to show all their talents.