The triumph of knowledge is a priority direction

On November 16, 2021, 4th-year students of BK 411, BPK411 groups and teacher-lecturer A. Atabayeva held an online lecture in the framework of Rukhani Zhangyru on the topic “The triumph of knowledge is a priority direction”.

Today we can say that the future of a secular country that has gained independence is the full desire of the younger generation for knowledge. It is clear that with the passage of time in each generation, that is, the future of tomorrow, young people who love the values of their country need like air. Today, only a person who was able to comprehend the present and future of the country, identify noble goals and outline a path to them, will have a bright education in his future, an open citizen who loves his country. Nevertheless, the development and triumph of education should be universal.

Thus, in the modern world, in order to become a competitive person, it is necessary to strive for the future.