“The great name of the Great Steppe – Abay”

On November 24, 2021, as part of the implementation of the program” Rukhani zhangyru”, an exchange of views with students was held with the teacher-assistant of educational programs of natural and technical sciences Soltanova D. A. teacher, poet, educator, founder of written Kazakh literature, Kazakh literary language, philosopher, composer, translator, political figure, reformer who aims to update the Kazakh culture through rapprochement with Russian and European culture with a liberal approach to Islam. The purpose of the educational hour: to familiarize students with the creative features and works of Abay Kunanbayev.
The exchange of views was attended by students of the 2nd year of the educational program “Environmental Protection and life safety” of the technical faculty. The following information was given at the discussion lesson: the great poet, educator, founder of Kazakh written literature and literary language – Abay (Ibrahim) Kunanbayuly Uskenbayuly was born in the Abay District of East Kazakhstan region (former Semipalatinsk uyezd) in the brother of Mount Genghis (former Chingistau region). Abay is descended from the famous group Irgizbay of the Tobykty family. It is worth noting that from a very young age he studied with a village Mullah. Later, he received a 3-year education in a madrasa in Semipalatinsk.
Abay was brought up by his grandmother Zere, who saw a lot of them. His mother, Ulzhan, was also one of the smartest mothers. Father Kunanbai Uskenbayuly, when he was in middle age, was involved in the work of horse riding and dancing, when the Russian Kingdom colonized the western and central regions of Kazakhstan and began to persuade the system of country dancing to its order.
Kunanbai was a man who ruled the country in his time. He brought Abai among his children to the cause of the rule of the country.
It was in order to leave his son to the authorities that Abai was taken away from his studies early and expelled from his studies. Abay, who was involved in the affairs of the country by the will of his father from a young age, quickly grew up, lost his childhood at an early age, and from an early age he was able to learn the art of conversation, speech, oratorical art of dances in the country, instilled in him a special talent.
A statement was also written against Abai, who followed the path of justice for his country, and he was investigated and acquitted for three or four months.
In his spare time, he learns Kazakh culture, Arabic, Persian, and Chagatai languages. The Giants of Eastern literature grow up memorizing the poems of poets Nizami, Khoja Hafiz, Navoi, Fizuli, etc. Later, he independently studied Russian literature and language, got acquainted with the works of the Great Russian thinkers Pushkin, Gogol, Lermontov, Shchedrin, Nekrasov, etc. At the same time, the English scientist also reads the works of Darwin and Shakespeare. Thanks to this, he expands his worldview and improves his knowledge.