Final conference of pedagogical practice

On March 4, 2022, the final conference on pedagogical informatics was held on the passage of pedagogical practice of students of groups on OP 6B01505 – “Informatics”, 3rd year of IPK 311, IR 311, IA 311, 6B01502 -“Mathematics-Informatics” 3rd year of MIC 311, 6B01504–”Physics-Informatics” 3rd year of FIPK 311, FIR 311. The conference was attended by the head of the Educational Informatics Department, Ph.D. Zh.Zhiembayev, methodologists of the practice teachers-lecturers: K.Zabieva, A.Ongarbayeva, responsible methodologist of the practice teacher-lecturer N.Ermekova and students. The floor was given to the students who reported on the results of the practice. The students shared about the difficulties encountered during the pedagogical internship and discussed solutions in the future.