Needs and expectations of stakeholders

Stakeholders have an impact on the University’s ability to continuously provide services that meet the requirements of consumers and applicable legal and regulatory requirements.

Internal consumers of the University include:

  • students, undergraduates, doctoral students;
  • teaching staff and University staff.

External consumers are:

  • applicants;
  • persons entering the master’s and doctoral programs.

Other parties interested in the activities of the University include:

  • parents of applicants;
  • organizations-employers, partners, educational institutions;
  • state bodies and society.

The University monitors and analyzes information about stakeholders and their requirements. The requirements and expectations of stakeholders are determined by:

  • survey (oral, by questionnaire method);
  • analysis of feedback, suggestions and letters of thanks received by the heads of processes and structural divisions, from consumers of educational and other services;
  • analysis of feedback and suggestions from teaching staff and employees (within the framework of Board meetings, Academic Council, Councils of Higher schools, workshops in structural divisions).

The identified requirements and expectations of stakeholders are taken into account when developing and updating educational programs, teaching aids, etc., planning the activities of the University and structural units, and making improvements.