Republican Scientific and Practical Conference

April 28, 2022 in Zharkent, Panfilov district of Almaty region held a national scientific-practical conference “Provision of educational services in the new Kazakhstan determines the face of the specialist”, organized by Ilyas Zhansugurov Zhetysu University together with Zharkent higher humanitarian-technical college.

The conference was attended by teachers from Ilyas Zhansugurov Zhetysu University, KazNPU named after Abay, employees of the Department of Education of Almaty region, teachers of Zharkent higher humanitarian and technical college, leading researchers of the National Institute for Harmonious Human Development, college teachers of Almaty region and cities of Almaty, Nursultan, Taraz, Kokshetau, Kyzylorda, as well as teachers of secondary schools of Almaty region.

The purpose of the conference, held under the consortium agreement on cooperation between Ilyas Zhansugurov Zhetysu University and Zharkent higher humanitarian and technical college, is the methodological and practical support of professional growth of teachers, promoting the expansion and updating  the views of the teaching community about educational trends, initiating the search and discussion of prospects for the implementation of current educational tasks, organizing a dialogue between representatives of different levels of education.

During the conference were discussed current issues of science, education, innovation, continuity of content and organizational aspects of preschool and primary education, implementation of inclusive education, improvement of teaching practices, etc.