Seminar on the project Central Asian Law: Legal Culture and Business Environment in Central Asia

June 10, 2022 within the framework of “Central Asian Law: Legal Cultures and Business Environments in Central Asia” project funded by the European Commission’s H2020 MSCA-RISE programme ( guest of our university, seconded fellow from Marmara University (Istanbul, Turkey) Mr. Oguz Dorken held a seminar for the teaching staff, master’s students and doctoral students of the Higher School of Law and Economics. During the seminar, Oguz Dorken shared his preliminary results of participating in the project and made a presentation on the topic “Problems and opportunities related to the implementation of the UNCITRAL Model Law on Cross-Border Insolvency in Kazakhstan”. Mr. Oguz Dorken arrived to Kazakhstan to study the legal culture and legislative framework of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Despite the complexity of the issues studied by him, his research on topical issues in the field of jurisprudence and economic development of our country aroused great interest and many questions from the participants of the seminar, to which they received answers.

The purpose of the seminar is to disseminate information in order to convey the results of the project “Central Asian Law: Legal Cultures and Business Environments in Central Asia” to various target audiences. This 4-year project is a research and training program that aims to promote greater understanding and explanation of the interconnections between legal cultures, local business environments and governance in Central Asia.