Тraining seminar

On 29.09.2022, Director of the Institute of High Mountain Biology of the University of Žilina (Slovak Republic, Zhilina), Candidate of Biological Sciences, Professor Marian Janiga held a training seminar for the teaching staff of the Zhetysu University named after Ilyas Zhansugurov on the topic “Ways to improve science in bachelor’s and Master’s degrees”.

During the seminar, Professor Marian Janiga shared with the teaching staff his experience on how to interest students in science, systematic observation of scientific work, and the right choice of topical issues. He dwelt in detail on the features and important points of planning and organizing scientific work.

During the training seminar, the university staff had the opportunity to actively ask topics of interest to them, get acquainted with students and undergraduates of the University of Zilina (Slovak Republic, Zilina).