On September 27, students of the 2nd and 3rd courses of EP 6B01703 – «Russian Language and Literature» and 6B01704 – «Russian Language and Literature in Schools with Non-Russian Language of Instruction» held a literary league «And every autumn I bloom again …» for 1st year students dedicated to the Day of languages ​​of the people of Kazakhstan. The Day of Languages ​​is a holiday of friendship and unity of the people of a multinational country.

1st year students read poems, guessed riddles, and also participated in a quiz, demonstrating a good level of knowledge. All participants were awarded with diplomas.

The festive event was organized by the teachers-lecturers of the program «Russian Language and Literature» Abaydeldanova M.K., Chesnokova K.A. and teacher-assistant Zhazybekova A.K.

Conducting intellectual and creative games for 1st year students as part of the celebration of the Day of Languages ​​has become a good tradition.