October 4, 2022 teacher-lecturer of the EP Russian Language and Literature Abaideldanova M.K. conducted the quest «IN THE WORLD OF RUSSIAN LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE» in Zhastar Park for students of 2,3 courses of the EP «Russian Language and Literature», «Russian Language and Literature in Schools with Non-Russian Language of Instruction».

Modern students have few didactic games, they are interested in more whole scenarios of games to achieve various goals. The technologies of the educational quest correspond especially well to this request, thanks to the extraordinary organization of educational activities and an exciting plot.

What do we mean when we talk about an educational quest, about quest technology? If we turn to the dictionary, then the very concept of “quest” itself will mean a game, searches that require players to solve certain mental tasks in order to overcome obstacles and move along a plot that can be defined or have many outcomes, where the choice will depend on the actions of the player himself.

In the process of passing the quest “IN THE WORLD OF THE RUSSIAN LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE” the students were divided into two teams. Each of the teams had a curator. The group received a task from him, found a place marked with a code, and received a question about it. The assignments were very varied. Somewhere it was necessary to assemble a puzzle of portraits of great writers, somewhere – to solve riddles and puzzles, sing ditties and recite poems.

During the quest, students not only acquired new knowledge about the Russian language and literature, but also developed teamwork skills.