5 projects of I.Zhansugurov Zhetysu University were presented in the «Oner tabys Pitch» of JSC «Science Foundation»

«Science Found» JSC on an ongoing basis conducts «Oner-tabys Pitch» to assist scientists and inventors in disclosing commercial value, as well as strengthening and finalizing presentations of projects and developments in order to further participate in the competition for grant financing of the result of scientific and technical activity commercialization projects. The presentation of the projects also provides scientists with the opportunity to find a business partner to attract co-financing or joint commercialization of the project.

5 projects of I.Zhansugurov Zhetysu University, which were carried out within the framework of the intra-university competition «Jas galym», were presented in the «Oner-tabys Pitch» «Science Found» JSC for further participation in the dialogue platform «COMMERCIALIZATION REACTOR»:

  1.  Abdullayeva A. Creation of the MOOC «Laboratory work in Physics».
  2. Akhmetov Zh. «Production of an extruder for plastic recycling»
  3. Yeseykyzy A. «Online learning platform for teachers “Digital Educational Resources”»
  4. Orazbayeva A. «Development of the geo-information system «Aura. Delivery» in the city of Taldykorgan».
  5. Kambarova А. «Processing of food (bio-waste) waste with the help of larvae of the Black Lion fly (Hermetia illucens) and production of feed protein».

At the pitch our young scientists received very valuable advice from representatives of «Science Found» JSC represented by the Director of the Department for Investments and New Projects Omarov Kurmangazy Kuralovich, as well as the chief manager of the Department for Investments and New Projects Vyatkina Yulia Alexandrovna and so on.

We express our gratitude to «Science Found» JSC for organizing useful seminars and pitches for our scientists.