Elections are a mirror of society’s life

On November 17, the curator of Dyusembinova Saule Myrzabekovna held a curatorial hour with students of the groups Gtk311, GTK41, GC411, GIR411 of the Higher School of Natural Sciences on the topic “Elections are a mirror of the life of society”.

Elections are the most important institution of civil society, a form of direct exercise of the power of the people, serving as an expression of the will of a citizen in modern conditions. The formation of representative bodies of power through elections, as well as the election of the president, is one of the main elements and the ultimate foundation of modern democratic republics. The principles of the organization and conduct of elections, as well as the principles of the transfer of subjective electoral rights are components of the principles of electoral law, which, in turn, reflect the essence of people’s power and are enshrined at the constitutional level. For the bright future of the country, every citizen is obliged to participate in elections, to vote for his chosen candidate. This is a conversation about the contribution of our future to growth and development.