“A healthy lifestyle is the key to a brighter future”

On December 7, 2022, curator Ukusheva T.K. held an event with students of the specialty “Chemistry – Biology” “Healthy lifestyle is the key to a bright future”. The health of a citizen is directly related to the formation of a healthy lifestyle, that is, the formation of a healthy lifestyle is the guarantee of health. A healthy lifestyle is, first of all, an active activity aimed at maintaining and strengthening health. Human health is the first condition of life. A healthy nation is a rich nation, and if people are healthy, then the state will also be strong. Raise the blue flag to the sky without losing the golden key of our independent state entrusted to you, wonderful and healthy generation! Let’s not forget for a moment that drugs are the dragon devouring the townspeople! Our life is in our hands. At the same time, he must be healthy and strong in spirit! A citizen of the new century is a healthy, spiritually rich person!