School experience in coordinating the work of a mentor

On 04.11.2022, the first stage of the seminar «School experience of coordinating the work of a mentor» was held, organized by the «Department of Education for the city of Taldykorgan», «Department of Education of the Zhetysu region» “Secondary School No. 25 named after him. Barlybek Syrttanuly with a preschool mini-center”, Representative Office of the branch “National Center for Advanced Training in Almaty region” in Zhetysu region National Center for Advanced Training “Orleu” National Center for Advanced Training.

The seminar was attended by the Deputy dean of the Higher School of Pedagogy and Psychology of Zhetysu University named after I. Zhansugurov G. S. Mailybaeva, lecturers N.S. Alpysbayeva, G.A. Tazhinova and 4th year students of educational programs 6b01301 – pedagogy and methodology of primary education, 6b01201 – preschool education and upbringing.

The II stage of the joint seminar on the organization and improvement of the work of the mentoring school continued on 09.12.2022 at the I. Zhansugurov Zhetysu University. At this stage, coaching was conducted on the implementation of the mentor’s work plan, the development of professional and psychological and pedagogical competencies of a young specialist through joint study of regulatory documentation, the creation and adjustment of NMR, SS and short-term plans, the development of professional skills and skills.

Aim: to provide effective experience in the implementation of the mentoring process.

During the seminar, students got acquainted with the information about the need to provide practical and theoretical assistance to a young specialist in the workplace in the mentoring system at school and enlisted the support of an experienced teacher-mentor who is ready to improve his professional competence.