“Corruption is the evil of society”

Assistant teacher of the Higher School of Natural Sciences, A.V. Schendel, conducted a curatorial hour among 2nd–year students of the specialty 6B01503-Physics of the FPC 211 group on the topic “Corruption is the evil of society”. At the beginning of the conversation, the curator conducted a “brainstorming session”, considering the following questions:

– what associations does the word “corruption” evoke

-what can be called a “bribe”

– what forms of corruption besides bribery are you familiar with

– what is the danger of such a phenomenon as corruption

During the conversation, it was noted that corruption hinders the development of social institutions, hinders social transformations and increases the efficiency of the national economy.

At the end of the conversation, the results of the curatorial hour were summed up, and the students also wrote an essay on the topic of the curatorial hour and described their thoughts on how to fight corruption.