In order to train and develop scientific and technical creativity among the young people, the Robotics and Mechatronics laboratory of the Higher School of Technical Sciences on May 19 in the library of Ormanov of Zhetysu University named after I. Zhansugurov held the Robotics Olympiad «Robotics-2023» at the regional level. More than 40 students and 13 teams from 11 schools of Zhetysu region took part in the competition. Recall, at the suggestion of the rector of the University Kuat Baymyrzayev, from 2016 to the present, «robotics» classrooms have been opened in 15 schools of the Zhetysu region.

In the “serpentine” competition, robots crossed the maze and obstacle course along the line to the finish line, and in the sumo competition, as a rule, one of the two robots turned the other upside down or pushed him out of the circle line.

In the nomination based on LEGO Mindstorms EV3, the first place was taken by the village of Zhansugurov, the K. Satpayev secondary school-gymnasium, the «Vertu» team, and the 2nd place was taken by the «Alpha» team, the Enbekshin secondary school in Zharkent. The prize-winning 3rd place was taken by the B. Momyshuly Gymnasium school in Zharkent, the «CrazyBots» team.

The first and third places in the nomination based on Arduino and Raspberry Pi microcontrollers were won by the teams «Smart Team» and «Tolagai» from the village of Zhylandy, a specialized boarding school for gifted children. The 2nd place was taken by the team «TKRobotics» of the IT school-lyceum No. 28 in Taldykorgan. The winners were awarded valuable prizes and diplomas.