The week of languages

From 18 to 22 September, under the leadership of the head of the educational program “Foreign languages and Translation studies” Zhabykbayeva Dinara Maratovna, teachers and students held a week dedicated to the Day of Languages of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The week began on the 18th of September with the event «Day of the Kazakh language», which raised the status of the state language, popularized our national traditions. On the second day was organized colourful events dedicated to Anglo-German culture, on the third day – Turkish, on the fourth day of Chinese-Korean culture, which gave university students special feelings, good mood. the educational program of foreign languages and translation and teachers and students were awarded who made a significant contribution to the event.

The last day of the festeve event continued with a beautiful song, national dances. On the final day of the event aimed at promoting the holiday of languages, fostering patriotic feelings of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Dean of the Higher School of Humanities Abyzova Aina Maratovna, Professor Werner from Switzerland, head of the educational program of foreign languages and translation study Zhabykbaeva Dinara Maratovna awarded teachers and students who took an active part in various competitions with letters of thanks.