Awarding of Doctor of Ph.D., Professor Nurgabyl D.N. in the village of Boztogan of the Koksu district of the Zhetysu region

At the UN Center for Sustainable Development in the village of Boztogan in the Koksu district of the Zhetysu region, the family members of Kurenov Nurgabyl were honored, whose head is Doctor of Law Moldybaev Sarkytbek Sarsenbayevich. There are 17 teachers in this family who have taught and continue to teach mathematics, physics, computer science, English, Russian, chemistry, biology at school, university. The event was attended by shakats, contemporaries, colleagues of these teachers, who noted with great respect the specifics of the place that each of these teachers occupies in the field of education. Among other things, as a teacher, we can mention the Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor Nurgabyl Duysebek Nurgabylly, who teaches at our Zhetysu University on the basis of the OP of the physical and mathematical direction.