“Religious extremism and terrorism-a threat to the world”

on 19.10.2023 with students of the 4th year of the specialty “Biology”, the curator of the group Ukusheva T.K. held a curatorial hour on the module Moral and spiritual education “Religious extremism and terrorism-a threat to the world”. Purpose: to give students a deep understanding of extremism, terrorism, to comprehend its types, causes and consequences; to prevent the path of terrorism and religious extremism with an understanding of the social, legal, religious characteristics of society.

Discussing the topic, the students received answers to their questions. Conclusion: let peace and stability prevail in the country, in the world as a whole. In order for there to be only peace and tranquility in the country, everyone should participate in it. Each student makes a great contribution to his homeland, striving to get a quality education, to grow up a moral citizen. May the sky be clear and the country be calm!