Open day

On October 27, an “Open Day” was held at Zhetysu University named after I. Zhansugurov for students of educational organizations of the city of Taldykorgan who chose the natural science direction. The meeting was held in the academic building No. 2 of the University. About 120 future young students took part in the event.

On the Open Day, the participants got acquainted with the university system, including the work of the Higher School of Natural Sciences and received information on all educational programs. We got acquainted with laboratories of biological monitoring and chemistry, a special study of physical geography and geoinformation, a laboratory of electricity and magnetism, a laboratory of methods of teaching physics named after Professor Namazbaev Kanabek Taubekovich, a laboratory of molecular physics, robotics and mechatronics, an IT center, a swimming pool, a reading room.

At the meeting, the students asked a number of questions about the choice of profession, admission and priorities of education at Zhetysu University. The questions were answered in detail by active students and employees of the Career and Employment Center. During the event, future applicants were given books in which all information about the educational institution was collected. In general, by taking part in the Open Day, students got to know the university better and developed a new approach.