Training seminar

Publication of articles in journals based on Scopus

The organizer of the educational program on law of Zhetysu University named after I. Zhansugurov held a training seminar for students, undergraduates, doctoral students, teaching staff on the topic: “Preparing material for a literary review through Scopus and Mendeleev, searching for a journal to publish articles, compiling and editing a list of references.” The seminar was conducted by the speaker of the training: the official representative of Elsevier in the countries of the Central Asian region, Aizhan Salimzhanova. The seminar offers participants Elsevier tools to search for a popular topic in your specialty, the sizes of journals in the Scopus system, percentiles and quartiles of CiteScore, methods for free publication of articles, tools for finding cooperation through Scopus, tools and methods for finding foreign consultants on the topic of research, automatic formatting of the list of references, the use of full-text articles, publication ethics, search methods according to your specialty, Elsevier tools to search for a popular topic, Scopus tools to search for research in the field of SDGs, Elsevier and RELX tools for analyzing research in the field of SDGs were described. The participants of the seminar were awarded certificates at the end of the seminar.