Quest game

On January 25-26, an anti-corruption quest game “AntiParaCraft-2024” was held within the Zhetysu University named after I.Zhansugurov with the support of the Department of the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Combating Corruption of Zhetysu region. The quest game was held in 5 stages (debates, essay contest, video contest, brain ring and captains contest) and took place from January 25 to 26. The 1st year students of the University’s Higher Schools participated in the quest. The participants competed in knowledge, sharpness of mind, resourcefulness and creativity. The jury also assessed the involvement, awareness of the students and their desire to contribute to the fight against corruption and to combat the pressing problems of society. Brain ring’s questions were of different levels of complexity, about legislation, anti-corruption in the Republic of Kazakhstan and foreign countries, international experience, cases, major scandals, etc.

The quest game was organized by the Compliance Service of the University, the Project Office of “Synaly Urpak”, the Department for Social and Creative Work with the support of the Department of the Anti-Corruption Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan of Zhetysu region. Makpal Bekkulova, an officer of the prevention department, participated in the jury of the quest. Such events are held with the aim of forming intolerance to manifestations of corruption in society, strengthening the anti-corruption culture of the younger generation, improving the system of anti-corruption education of young people through intellectual games.