Final conference of pedagogical practice

On 21.02.2024, the final conference of the Higher School of Natural Sciences on the passage of pedagogical practice was held with students of the 3rd year group of educational programs “pedagogical Informatics” 6B01505-Informatics, 6B01502-Mathematics-Informatics, 6B01504-Physics-Informatics IPK311, MIK311, FIK311.
The conference was attended by the head of the educational institution Zh. Zhiembayev, methodologists of practice A. Aldabergenova, N. Yermekova, K. Zabieva, A. Kabytaev and students. The turn of the speech was given to the students, who reported on the results of the practice. The head of the EP Zh. Zhiembayev highly appreciated the practice of students.