Corruption is a disease of society

Today, in auditorium No. 323 of Zhetysu University, a special anti-corruption curatorial hour was held on the topic “Clean Session: Corruption is a disease of society.” Students from ZhK 111-112 majoring in journalism took part in it.
A session is a type of test that summarizes and evaluates what students have learned and mastered each semester. Conducting it in accordance with the academic policy of the university is the absolute responsibility of every student. Teacher-instructor Ilesken Albatyruly spoke about this in detail and made it clear that with honest knowledge you can see the fruits of hard work. Every student must maintain academic integrity and avoid corruption during the session. A student who can freely dispose of himself is obliged to fight social ills and work for the future of the country.
Based on the results of the last first semester, I showed very good results. I passed the exam on my own and defended my scholarship. I’m fully prepared for this year’s session. I can prove my knowledge 100 percent,” says Akbota Azimbaeva.
A problem that is easy to solve today will certainly lead to darkness and eternal hunger tomorrow. Therefore, a future without corruption must begin today.