College-History of Zhansugurov college

ZHANSUGUROV COLLEGE was founded as a structural unit with Kazakh and Russian languages of instruction after the 9th and 11th grades and under the applied bachelor’s degree programs, on the basis of the Zhetysu State University named after Ilyas Zhansugurov and was introduced into the staffing table by the order of the rector No. 221-P of August 22, 2018.

   Nowadays, the teaching staff consists of 48 full-time teachers and 14 part-time teachers, which include: 2 professors, 24 undergraduates, 6 teachers with the highest category and 5 teachers with 1 category. In their work, teachers use new formats for conducting classes that ensure high quality of education.

Director of the College appointed doctor of pedagogical Sciences, Professor Maltekbasov Marat Zhabykbaevich

Despite the short period of its existence, the college has loudly declared itself not only in the Almaty region, but also in the republic.

“Zhansugurov college” held the republican webinar ” Modernization of preschool and pedagogical specialties in the field of technical and vocational education through the project “Worldskills Kazakhstan»»

Participating in the regional competition “The Best College of Almaty region” was awarded the nomination “Zhetistik Zholynda”, at the end of the year, the college entered the top – 7 colleges of the region.

By the order of the Head of the Department of Education of the Almaty region

No. 7-n dated 08.01.2021, a “Project Office” was opened on the basis of “Zhansugurov College”, the purpose of which is to develop innovative programs based on teaching methods in organizations of technical and professional, post-secondary education.

The Project Office includes leading specialists of Zhetysu University named after I. Zhansugurov and teachers of regional colleges. Good results show the college students, 2nd year student of the specialty “Translation studies” Tumabay Gulzhan became the winner of the Republican project “TOP 100 College students ofRepublic of Kazakhstan”, 13 College students survived a high competition and received the certificates of the International Technopark of IT – startups “Astana Hub” and the Startup Academy Zhetysu University after named I. Zhansugurov.