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The Departments of “Finance” and “Accounting and Audit” of the Faculty of Finance and Economics of Zhetysu State University named after I. Zhansugurov have been functioning as separate structural units since 2008.

Since 2011, admission to the master’s program of specialized, as well as scientific and pedagogical directions in the specialty “6M050900-Finance”, “6M050800 – Accounting and Audit”has been carried out.The activity of the departments “Finance” and “Accounting and Audit” of Zhetysu State University named after I. Zhansugurov is based on the concept of creating a complex of continuing professional education that meets the requirements of the Bologna process.

Having a high scientific and pedagogical potential, the staff of the department implements strategic tasks in the field of educational policy, defined in state program documents.

The activity of the department is based on the system and principles of total management. Working in accordance with these principles, the department has received a real opportunity to comprehensively address the issues of improving the quality of training by building a system that takes into account the views of all consumer groups.



The educational program in the field of accounting and finance is a structural department of the higher school of law and economy of the Zhetysu university named after I. Zhansugurov.

To date, specialists are being trained in the following areas of undergraduate and graduate programs:

6В04104 - Accounting and audit;
6В04106 - Finance;

6В04107 - Assessment;
7М04104 - Accounting and Auditing;
7М04106 -Finance.

Currently, 15 teachers work in the educational program, including 1 doctor of economic sciences, 4 candidates of economic sciences, 1 doctor of philosophy (PhD), 9 masters

In March 2015, by the decision of the Accreditation Council of ACQUIN, the educational programs of undergraduate and graduate programs of the Department of Accounting and Finance underwent international accreditation.

Starting from 2011, bachelor graduates of the specialty “Accounting and Audit” and “Finance” can continue their studies in the Master’s program in the specialty 7M04104 – “Accounting and Audit”, 7M04106 – “Finance”.

The purpose of the educational program “Accounting and Audit” is to train managerial, scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel with the skills of accounting and management accounting, preparation of financial statements in accordance with international standards (IFRS) and analysis and audit in practice.

The purpose of the educational program “Finance” is: the formation of students’ and undergraduates’ knowledge in the field of economics, management, finance, money and credit, accounting, statistics, skills to analyze the source material and draw appropriate conclusions, apply them in practice; fundamental training of bachelors and masters of finance, aimed at a qualitative level of education, allowing them to be in demand in the practical activities of financial authorities, banking and non-banking credit institutions, insurance, pension, investment and other companies, financial authorities of economic entities, competitive in the labor market.

Our PPC:

  • Bedelbaeyeva Assel – Нead of educational program;
  • Bleutaeva Kulzhamal – Doctor of Economics, Professor;
  • Baidybekova Saltanat  – PhD in Economics;
  • Shomshekova Balkhia – PhD in Economics;
  • Seisekenova Meirambala – PhD in Economics;
  • Lukhmanova Gulnar – PhD in Economics;
  • Kasseinova Meruyert – Doctor of Philosophy (PhD);
  • Abdykalieva Zhupargul – Master,  lecturer;
  • Syzdykbaeva Nurgul – Master, lecturer;
  • Turysbekova Raikhan – Master,  lecturer;
  • Nurtayeva Asel – Master,  lecturer;
  • Bastaubaev Aslan  – Master,  lecturer;
  • Hajiyev Farrukh  – Master,  lecturer;
  • Abdykalyk Samal – Master,  lecturer;
  • Burnasheva Venera – Master,  lecturer.
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Fundamentals of management and marketing

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Shomshekova B. K

«Environmental and Economic Sustainability of Regional Development»

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Вестник НИА РК


Baltabayeva A

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Environmentally Oriented Anti-Crisis Management of Enterprises: Problems, Directions, and Prospect

Journal of Environmental Management and Tourism 2020


Educational programs signed agreements on external and internal academic mobility of students and teachers with dozens of different educational institutions. On the basis of these agreements there are agreements on mutual exchanges of experience in the field of science, technology and education.

Today, students and undergraduates of the educational program of accounting and finance have an excellent opportunity to study on academic mobility in foreign countries.

In the 2019-2020 academic year, Ph.D. G. Lukhmanova, within the framework of academic mobility, conducted classes at the Kazakh University by reporting on the discipline “Monetary and Credit Policy”.2019-2020 academic year, Ph.D. G. Lukhmanova, within the framework of academic mobility, conducted classes at the Kazakh University by reporting on the discipline “Monetary and Credit Policy”.

Social educational activities

Social and educational work is carried out both directly in the classroom with students, and in groups, and in their free time. The emphasis is on patriotic, educational and labor, cultural and aesthetic education.

The main components of the work are implemented taking into account the need to form a creative, competitive, intelligent personality capable of continuous creative self-development in the conditions of university education.

In order to carry out constant educational work during the entire academic period, advisers of educational programs of accounting and finance carry out organizational, methodological and consulting work with students aimed at assisting in the development of the educational program.


Bedelbaeva Assel

Head of educational program

+7 (701) 072-07-70

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Bleutayeva Kulzhamal

Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor

+7 (701)355-74-98 

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Baidybekova Saltanat

PhD in Economics

+7 (777) 691-79-09


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    Shomshekova Balkhia

    PhD in Economics

    +7 (701) 758-52-64

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      Seisekenova Meyrambala

      PhD in Economics

      +7 (701) 204-13-28

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        Lukhmanova Gulnar

        PhD in Economics

        +7 (707) 112-21-72 

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        Kasseinova Meruyert

        PhD, lecturer

        +7 (707)338-78-92

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          Abdykalieva Zhupargul

          Мaster, lecturer

           +7 (708) 568-24-97

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            Syzdykbaeva Nurgul

            Мaster, lecturer

              +7 (708) 938-02-74


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              Turysbekova Rayhan

              Master, lecturer

               +7 (777) 796-06-65


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                Nurtayeva Assel

                Master, lecturer

                 +7 (778) 698-67-57


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                  Burnasheva Venera

                  Master, lecturer

                   +7 (777) 240-61-28


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                    Bastaubaev Aslan

                    Master, lecturer

                     +7 (701) 582-38-28

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                      Gadzhiev Farrukh

                      Master, lecturer

                       +7 (701) 703-72-81


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                        Abdykalyk Samal

                        Master, lecturer

                         +7 (708) 293-56-93


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