Purpose and charge of Youth center: Formation of students’ citizenship, Kazakh patriotism, ability to work and live in the conditions of modern society.

Creating conditions to meet the cultural, creative organizational needs of students of the university.

  • Tasks
  • Functions
  • Achievement
  • Employees
  • The organization of the state youth policy at the university, the creation of the necessary conditions to meet the needs of the individual in intellectual, cultural, moral, aesthetic and physical development.
  • The formation of an optimal university environment aimed at educating students of high spiritual qualities, patriotism, hard work, responsibility and self-discipline.
  • Ensuring the successful adaptation of students to the conditions and mode of educational activity, psychological and legal readiness for future professional activities, creating additional conditions for the full development of students ' personality and their creative potential during extracurricular time.
  • Coordination of the activities of student self-government bodies (student clubs, volunteers, and other public associations): creation and organization of the Student Assembly; organization of protection of student`s rights and close cooperation with the Republican Student Movement "Alliance of Students of Kazakhstan"; joint work with the Youth Wing "Jas Otan".
  • Creating conditions for the full development of young people for the sake of the country's prosperity: close cooperation with the Youth Congress of Kazakhstan.
  • Cooperation with state bodies, national and international youth organizations: - organization of joint work in the direction of the Project Office "Sanaly Urpaq".
  • Preservation and enhancement of the traditions of the university, promotion of its history, symbols, prestige of obtaining education in the NPJSC "Zhetysu University named after I.Zhansugurov".
  • Conducting cultural and mass intra-university events in all areas of student self-government, according to the plans.
  • Promoting the creation of student associations and coordinating their work, contributing to the functioning of the student self-government system.
  • Creating a system of motivation for physical education and sports, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and the project "Healthy Universities".
  • Assisting students in solving social issues (providing psychological assistance).
  • Organizing and participating in university-scale events, as well as facilitating the participation of ZHU student groups in events held by interuniversity associations for working with students.
  • Interaction with all structural divisions of the university in solving issues related to youth policy.
  • Providing assistance to student activists in the organization of studies, conducting discussions on various aspects of student self-government.
  • Organizing and conducting seminars and trainings on the development of vital skills (civic engagement, teamwork, critical thinking, creativity, cooperation, responsibility, emotion management, etc.), competence and independence of young people.
  • Education of citizenship and patriotism among young people, love for the Motherland, respect for state symbols.
  • Conducting activities in the student environment to combat corruption and prevent offenses.
  • Submission for approval of the cost estimate for youth activities.
Letter of thanks for assistance in the implementation of the National project "Birgemiz: Bilim-2020"
Letter of thanks for our volunteer work
We are in the ranks of YW "JAS OTAN"
"BEST STUDENT - 2020" among the universities of the country
"Leader - 2020"
"Leader - 2019"
"Leader - 2018"
A member of the "Best student of the Academy"
Certificate for the National project "Birgemiz: Bilim" for the provision of volunteer activities


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