Office of Commercialization of Research Results

The office’s activity is the commercialization of research activities of scientists and coordination of the scientific research of teachers, doctoral candidates, undergraduates and students of the Zhetysu University, aimed at obtaining new knowledge about the laws of development of nature, society, man, and contributing to the technological, economical, social and cultural development of Kazakhstan and Almaty region in particular.

  • Tasks
  • Functions
  • Achievements
  • Staff
  • Ensuring the integration of science and education;
  • Maximum use of the scientific potential of the university to improve the quality of training of specialists;
  • Search and evaluation of technologies for commercialization;
  • Providing informational support to scientists in the field of technology commercialization;
  • Provision of consulting services in the field of IP protection;
  • Development of a technology commercialization strategy;
  • Conducting information activities in the field and popularizing the idea of technology commercialization at the university;
  • Organization and monitoring of the process for the development of a proof of concept projects;
  • Support of innovative projects for their further commercialization.
  • Search, analysis, selection and promotion of competitive commercially promising scientific developments to the market;
  • Creation and management of innovative infrastructure for the commercialization of technologies of university scientists in the educational environment of the university and the economy of the region;
  • Provision of intellectual property protection, licensing, and consulting services;
  • Implementation of activities aimed at identifying and supporting talented researchers, promoting the creative growth of young scientists;
  • Consultation of teachers, doctoral students, undergraduates and students on the development of research projects;
  • Expansion of relations between science and production, participation in innovation activities, in the implementation of science and technology achievements, promotion of the development of high-tech sectors of the economy of Almaty region;​
  • Conducting international, national, and regional scientific and practical conferences, as well as publishing relevant materials.
An employee of the commercialization office won a grant

Zakirula Olzhas, an employee of the office of commercialization of scientific research results, received a patent for the invention "Polymer composition for obtaining a universal material". Based on this patent, a grant in the amount of 180 million tenge was won.

Organization of an internal competition
  • An international competition "Implementation of productive innovative ideas" was held, the purpose of which is to popularize and stimulate research and innovation activities and create organizational conditions for promising research and development, identify and support gifted scientific youth.
Helping the young
  • The competition organized by KazSU "Men zhastarga senemin!", dedicated to the Day of the First President and the 25th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Youth project of Zhetysu University, with the submission of the Office of Commercialization, won the first place in the category of "Ecology".
Important agreement signed

The Office of Commercialization of Research Results organized a platform for signing a Consortium Agreement between Zhetysu University, the Regional Chamber of Entrepreneurs "Atameken", the Regional Development Center of Almaty Region and the Park of Innovative Technologies "ALATAU".

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