The purpose of the Project Office for Updating Educational Programs is to effectively organize and improve the process of developing, updating, testing, implementing, and implementing educational programs that are in demand in the labor market.

  • Purposes
  • Functions
  • Progress
  • Staff
  • Organization of the process of developing and updating the content of educational programs, taking into account professional, international standards and proposals of employers
  • Formation of project groups for the development of educational programs
  • Organization and holding of methodological conferences, seminars on improving the structure and content of educational programs
  • Updating the content of the catalogues of elective disciplines, the catalog of Minor, syllabuses (curricula)
  • Development of an algorithm for designing educational programs of higher and postgraduate education for inclusion in the Register of Educational Institutions of Higher and Postgraduate Education (ESUVO)
  • Preparation of an internal list of educational programs for inclusion in the Register of Educational Programs
  • Coordination of the processes of exclusion of unclaimed educational programs and the introduction of new educational programs in the Register of Higher and Postgraduate Education (ESUVO)
Updating of educational programs in the Registry (ESUVO)

In 2020, 117 educational programs were added to the Register of Educational Institutions. The update of the OP in the Registry was 100%.

Quality of educational programs
Achievements in the development and updating of educational programs
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Bedelbayeva Assel Erikovna

Head of Office

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Schmidt Mariya Aleksandrovna

Chief Expert

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Issazhanova Aizhan Nurbolatovna

Chief Expert

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