To find a job immediately after graduation is not available to all graduates. The employer is often interested in employment of staff with experience. In this case, yesterday’s graduates can get a help from the state, implementing the programs “With diploma to the village” and “Youth Practice” and “Young personnel reserve”.

The “Youth Practice” program

Youth Practical Training is organized for graduates of educational organizations in order to obtain an initial work experience by graduates in the acquired profession (specialty).

Youth Practical Training is designed specifically for the unemployed from the number of graduates of educational organizations that carry out educational programs of technical and vocational, post-secondary, higher and postgraduate education in their profession (specialty), who completed training within 3 years, and not older than twenty-nine years.

Youth Practical Training is organized in enterprises and organizations of all forms of ownership.

Youth Practical Training is conducted out of permanent jobs and out of vacancies for permanent jobs. Such jobs may not be created in heavy work, work with harmful and (or) dangerous working conditions.

The number of jobs in Youth Practical Training may be unlimited.

Work on Youth Practical Training is temporary.

The duration of Youth Practical Training is not more than 6 months.

The amount of salary for Youth Practical Training per month from the republican or local budgets is 25 monthly calculated indicators.

To participate in the program, graduates must:

  1. Address to the Employment Center under the city or district akimat.
  2. Register as unemployed person (not older than 29 years).
  3. Submit the documents:
  • a copy of identity document
  • a copy of work record book (if any);
  • a copy of the document confirming the availability of technical and professional, post-secondary, higher and postgraduate education;

In addition, within the framework of the Program for the Development of Productive Employment and Mass Entrepreneurship for 2017-2021, the base for vocational education institutions is being formed and the Electronic Labor Exchange portal has been created.

“With diploma- to the village”

For students who graduated from the university in such specialties as:

  • education;
  • health care;
  • social ensurance;
  • culture and sports;
  • veterinary medicine,

State offers work in rural area with appropriate social support. Social support of young professionals includes:

  • provision of single benefit in size of 100 MCI;
  • issuance of the budgetary credit for the purchase and construction of housing for 15 years, interest rate of 0,01% in size of 1500 MCI;
  • increase the salary of no less than 25% from tariff rates (in urban areas) to the specialists of social institutions located in rural areas

For participation in the program, you must:

  • to find a job yourself in chosen locality (village school, hospital, House of culture, sports centers, etc.);
  • while employment an applicant submits an application for participation in the program to the district commission;
  • if there is no possibility to find a job by yourself, you can apply to RK Ministry of Agriculture or to the responsible employees in the regions;
  • data about the needs of staff in regions are posted on the websites of regional akimats.

List of documents for participation in the project:

  • application by the form;
  • a copy of identity document;
  • a copy of work book, certified by personnel service at the new place of work;
  • a copy of diploma on education;
  • preliminary agreement of sale and purchase of housing in accordance with RK actual legislation;   
  • act on real estate assessment of (for getting of budgetary loan);
  • act for the right to use the land provided for the construction of housing.

The “Young personnel reserve” program

With the support of RK Ministry of education and science and NDP “Nur Otan” The project “Young personnel reserve” is realized, it is aimed at identifying, selecting, training and education of managerial staff of the country of the young talent that are active in Kazakhstan.

Implementation of the project in also assumes identification, selection, preparation and education of administrative shots of the country from among young specialists and inclusion in socially important activities for three directions:

  1. Public service.
  2. Business community.
  3. Political activity.

Selection round takes place in some stages:

  • Filling of the questionnaire on the official site of the project, a questionnaire assessment by formal criteria (age, education, a work place, professional skills, an assessment of intellectual potential, emotional intelligence, writing of the essay, etc.). By results of initial selection 300 contestants will be allowed to the following stage.
  • Testing for logic, knowledge of a state language and definition of a psychological picture of the participant of the project (the schedule and a venue of testing will be defined after the announcement of results of 300 contestants who passed in the 2nd stage of selection).
  • Interview on an assessment of competences will define best participants of the project (on 2 contestants from each region). Interview will be conducted in regions of the republic by members of Management, regional coordinators, experts from Bolashak Association and representatives of NDP “Nur Otan”.

Further, contestants pass the training modules including lectures, seminars, trainings, master classes, an asessment (an assessment of professional competences) with the invitation of the leading domestic and foreign experts, and also training in the government and non-state institutions.

Following the results of the project contestants who gathered the highest rating will receive the certificate and will be enlisted in a personnel reserve that is the recommendation to consideration of advance of the reservist for occupation of higher position at revenues to public service, the sphere of business and public work.