Quality Assurance Commission


Assistance in the implementation of effective training of specialists in accordance with the established requirements, by constantly improving the quality of the educational process at the University

  • Tasks
  • Functions
  • Composition
  • Assessment of the content and conditions for the implementation of the Higher school's educational programs;
  • Analysis of the assessment policy and academic issues of the Higher school;
  • Involvement of students in the assessment of the quality of education as a whole and its individual components;
  • Organization of education quality monitoring by students;
  • Comprehensive assessment of the needs of students as stakeholders of educational services;
  • Assistance to the structural divisions, officials of the University in the implementation of the quality policy, objectives, development programs of the University, carrying out activities in the field of quality assurance of educational services;
  • Conducting research on the problems of the education quality at the university, developing practical solutions to eliminate the identified problems that arise among employees and students during the educational process;
  • Development of proposals to improve the quality of educational services, taking into account the educational, extracurricular, scientific and professional interests of students;
  • Creation and development of students’motivation system to the educational process and involvement of students in its evaluation;
  • Interaction with the structural divisions of the university on issues of ensuring the quality of education.
  • Evaluation of the content of modular educational programs;
  • Study of the conditions for the implementation of educational programs, assessment of the assessment policy quality;
  • Conducting a survey on compliance of educational programs and disciplines quality;
  • Review of academic integrity violations;
  • Involvement of students in the assessment of education quality by conducting questionnaires, surveys, interviews on compliance of educational programs, disciplines/modules quality, on facts of academic integrity violation, etc.;
  • Analysis of letters, appeals, complaints of students and employees about nonconformities, violations of the educational activities of the University;
  • Development of decisions on incoming applications of students and employees on education quality of the University;
  • Organization of meetings of students with the university administration on education quality;
  • Organizing of questions collection of students on education quality in the framework of meetings with the University administration;
  • Control over the implementation of action plans based on the results of meetings with the University administration on education quality and decisions taken by the Commission;
  • Informing students about the new regulations of the University, about the activities carried out in order to improve the education quality;
  • Analysis of the effectiveness of the activities carried out by the Commission aimed at improving the education quality;
  • Development of recommendations and suggestions for management on issues within the competence of the Commission.

The composition of the Commission is appointed by order of the Chairman of the board - Rector of the university from the factory and teaching staff and students of higher schools

Higher School of Law and Economics

Commission Chairman

Konysbekova Makpal Rymkulovna - teacher-lecturer, master

Commission members

Tleubayev Azamat Bolatovich - assistant teacher, master

Dauletova Baglym Aydarovna - 3rd year student of the educational program 6B04201 «Jurisprudence»

LukyanovArtem Aleksandrovich - 1st year graduate student of the educational program 7M04101 «Economics»

Commission Secretary

Seilkasymova Roza Askarovna - teacher-lecturer, master

Higher School of Natural Sciences

Commission Chairman

Aldabergenova Aigul Onalbekovna - Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, teacher-lecturer

Commission members

Mausumbayeva Aida Makenovna - Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, teacher-lecturer

Abdualieva Rima Yergalieyvna - 3rd year doctoral student of the educational program «Mathematics»

Borisbekov Darkhan Rinatovich - 1st year undergraduate of the educational program "Informatics"

Commission Secretary

Zabiyeva Kamshat Kazbekovna - teacher-lecturer, master

Higher School of Humanitarian Sciences

Commission Chairman

Zhaukumova Sholpan Sailayovna - teacher-lecturer, master

Commission members

Iskakova Guldariya Mubaryakovna – teacher-lecturer

Syrlybayeva Gulnara Torebekovna - Candidate of Philological Sciences, teacher - lecturer

Ualiyeva Saule Aitkalievna - teacher - lecturer, master

Kaliakbar Ayazhan Zhumagalikyzy - 2nd year graduate student of the educational program 7M01702 «Russian language and literature»

Commission Secretary

Zhazybekova Aysulu Kenzhetayevna - teacher - lecturer, master

Higher School of Pedagogy and Psychology

Commission Chairman

Almukhambetova Bibigul Zheksembaevna - PhD, teacher-lecturer

Commission members

Mamekova Asem Tanirbergenovna - PhD, teacher-lecturer

Berikova Ayim Yerbolovna - 3rd year student of the educational program 6B01901 «Special pedagogy»

Nurlanbayeva Ayazhan Yerlankyzy - 1st year graduate student of the educational program 7M01301 «Pedagogy and methodology of primary education»

Commission Secretary

Sarsekulova Dilyara Madievna - assistant teacher, master

Higher School of Technical Sciences

Commission Chairman

Kasseinova Gaziza Ibragimovna - teacher-lecturer, master

Commission members

Shaltabayev Altay Akanovich - teacher-lecturer

Kanagatov Zhambyl Zholdybayevich - Candidate of Biological Sciences, teacher - lecturer

Sambetbayeva Tolkyn Alimkhanovyna - 2nd year graduate student of the educational program 7М05202 «Еnvironmental management and environmental safety»

Commission Secretary

Karimova Shinar Serikbaevna - teacher-lecturer, master

Higher School of Physical Culture and Art

Commission Chairman

Galiyeva Gulmira Bazarkhanovna - Candidate of Medical Sciences, teacher-lecturer

Commission members

Kurmanbayev Amangeldi Akhmetovich - Candidate of

Pedagogical Sciences, teacher-lecturer

Aitkazyeva Ranura Yerlanovna - 2nd year graduate

student of the educational program 7M01401 «Physical training and sports»

Sabazhan Bagdagul Kazykhankyzy - 4th year student of the educational program 6B02101 «Design»

Commission Secretary

Shalabayeva Kuanysh Zhangaliyevna - assistant teacher, master