Rules for the education of girls

On 29.10.2021, at the Faculty of Natural Sciences in 105 classrooms, the curator of Ukusheva T.K. held an educational event with students of the 2nd year of the specialty “Chemistry-Biology” on the topic: “Kyzga kyryk uiden tyym”. The goal is to develop girls’ spiritual and moral, ethical, polite, tactful, moral, clean qualities by comprehensively informing girls about morality, honesty, actions, behavior, honor, grace.

During the meeting, the students discussed forty prohibitions to the girl and shared their thoughts. This means that responsibility for the upbringing of children is borne not only by parents, but also by the surrounding country. To restrain a girl means not to knock her out of everything – but to raise her smart, restrained, noble. To do this, every girl needs to learn from an early age to show “respect and honor for the elder, respect for the younger.” Only in this case, a good person will come out of it, loving and honoring his country.