«Zhetysu – Startup»

In order to realize the development of entrepreneurial education and the innovative potential of young scientists of the University, the Startup Academy of Zhetysu University named after Ilyasa Zhansugurova holds a competition of innovative ideas and business projects “Zhetysu – Startup” among aspiring entrepreneurs and young innovators.
Objectives of the competition:

  • training and formation of competitive and pragmatic specialists with creative and entrepreneurial thinking;
  • popularization and stimulation of research and innovation activities of students, undergraduates, doctoral students and young scientists of the university;
  • creation of organizational conditions for promising research and development, identification and support of gifted scientific youth.
  • implementation of the subproject “Uly dala zhastary”.
    The competition is held for young scientists of the university, students, undergraduates and doctoral students whose age does not exceed 29 years (inclusive) on the day of consideration of the application for participation in the competition.
    In case of non-compliance with the terms and conditions of the Competition, by the decision of the Competition Commission, the participant is suspended from participating in the Competition.