About ensuring the safety of students

To ensure the safety of students at the beginning of the academic year, lectures are held in the assembly hall of the university. The lectures reflect the issues of safety and fire safety, in case of emergency (earthquake, etc.), as well as anti-terrorist threats and various man-made and natural disasters. Lectures are held with visual video materials, presentations. Lectures are given by representatives of the law enforcement agencies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Emergency Situations ofTaldykorgan. Memos have been developed for students on these lectures, which are available in their personal account and on the university’s website. In order to consolidate the received materials, exercises are held 2 times a year.

As part of the execution of planned positions, the following activities were carried out:

– alarm buttons have been installed in all existing academic buildings, as well as in student dormitories in accordance with the existing requirements (contract No. 990140003041/210686/00 was signed with IDC (IDISI) LLP and the university was connected to the Central Operational Management of the DIA JSC. All the above-listed objects of the educational institution are equipped with a ROAR alert control device.

– in the academic buildings and dormitories of the ZHU, with the involvement of specialists of the relevant state agencies, security exercises were conducted in a planned manner among students and teaching staff, aimed at checking and consolidating the materials of the university’s readiness for emergency situations, including anti-terrorist security. At the same time, in order to increase the knowledge and develop the skills of students and teaching staff in various emergencies, a lecture-seminar was initiated with the head of the Challenge company (Japan), Mr. Kazuo Sasaki.

– memos have been developed and published on the ZHU website, as well as in the personal offices of students, teaching staff and university employees in the following areas: “Memo on anti-terrorist security”, “Memo on fire safety”, “Memo on earthquake behavior”. Activities carried out within the framework of ensuring the safety of students are published, covered on the website of the ZHU.