Implementation of academic mobility

In order to effectively implement the program of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Attracting foreign specialists to teaching” in the period from 01 to 30 November 2021, Associate Professor of Daugavpils University (Latvia) Svetlana Ignatieva gave lectures for 2nd-year undergraduates of ЕP 7M01501-Mathematics in the course “Methods of teaching professionally-oriented foreign language” and ЕP 7M01502-Physics in the course “Problems and prospects of teaching physics in English”.

The Faculty of Natural Sciences has been cooperating with Associate Professor Svetlana Ignatieva for many years. Ignatieva Svetlana is a foreign scientific consultant of the doctoral dissertation of the PhD student ЕP 8D01502-Physics of Nurgalieva Dinara (2nd year). She is also the co-director of the master’s theses of Ekaterina Osipova ЕP 7M01501-Mathematics and Sakbaev Baurzhan ЕP 7M01502-Physics.

Under the guidance of Ignatieva S. 2nd-year undergraduates actively participated in the XXXIII International Research Competition “The Best research Work 2021” and won prizes.

On 2-16 November 2021, Associate Professor Ignatieva Svetlana held a seminar at the Faculty of Natural Sciences on the topic “The use of quantitative methods of information processing in the professional and scientific activities of teachers” for the faculty faculty.

The seminar discussed topical issues of the process of collecting and quantitative processing of information, methods of processing and interpretation of data, pedagogical experiments, mass sociological surveys, expert surveys, the empirical part of scientific research.