The end of the seventh academic semester was associated for graduates not only with excitement before the start of the last examination session in their student life, but also with preparation for the upcoming pedagogical practice. Therefore, the teachers of the Philology Training Center organized a whole cycle of training seminars, to which specialists from various educational fields were invited as trainers.

On December 7, 2021, a training seminar “Features of the modern lesson in the framework of updating the content of education” was held. The seminar was prepared for 4th-year students of the specialty “Russian language and literature” by the methodologist of the regional educational and methodological center for the development of education A.A. Torpakova.

The seminar began with a small blitz survey, during which the graduates tried to show their understanding of the essence of the renewal of education in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Further, the features of the system-activity approach, the specifics of the criterion assessment, the principles of designing a modern lesson were disclosed in detail.

Second-year students Klinchuk Alyona, Abubakirova Milana, Bekdayyr Zhanerke, Azhetova Aruzhan, Nurchibayeva Aruzhan also joined the seminar. Despite the fact that the pedagogical practice of sophomores will take place only in a year, the students actively joined the heated discussions and showed their ability to defend their point of view.

Many thanks are expressed to Torpakova Arai Amirbekovna, who not only prepared a rich theoretical and practical material on the issue under study, but also professionally supervised the course of the meeting, leaving no one in the position of a passive listener.

Although the training took place on-line, the meeting turned out to be very interesting and fruitful for all participants of the seminar – organizers, speaker, graduate students and junior students.