In the last week of the academic semester, a series of training seminars organized by teachers of Russian language and literature to help graduate students on the eve of pedagogical practice was completed.

On December 10, 2021, a seminar on “Planning and evaluation as the main tools of a teacher” was held. This meeting took place on-line on the Google Meet platform and was prepared for 4th-year students of the specialty “Russian language and Literature” by teachers of the city secondary school-gymnasium No. 12 L.A.Noskova and E.R.Filimonova. This meeting was again joined by second-year students who were interested in the subject of the training.

The program of the training seminar included two main issues: the structure of the modern lesson and formative assessment in the classroom. The key points of the reports were displayed on the presentation slides.

As a demonstration of the ability to formulate the objectives of the lesson, a fragment of the lesson of the teacher of the SSG No. 12, Lyubov Noskova, was presented. Special attention in the speeches of the coaches was paid to the organization of group work.

The interest of the audience was aroused by the ways of formulating the topic of the lesson. For example, students could guess the topic in the form of a crossword puzzle solution. Graduates already working at the school told how they use these techniques in the classroom.

Further examples of a differentiated approach to learning were given. Mandatory and creative homework assignments were characterized. The second-year students drew parallels with their academic activities when, while studying Russian literature of the 19th century, they regularly performed various creative tasks that activate interest in the topic and reveal the creative potential of students.

The meeting was interactive. She was enlivened by the constant appeals of trainers to the audience with a request to perform a particular task and thus bring listeners to a specific conclusion on the topic under discussion.

I would like to express my great gratitude to the teacher-researcher Lyubov Alexandrovna Noskova and the teacher-master, school coach Elena Filimonova Ruslanovna for conducting the training seminar. For the participants of the meeting, they prepared and presented very extensive information that will undoubtedly help graduates not only during their pedagogical practice, but also in their future professional activities.