Pedagogical practice is the key to the professional competence of a future specialist

On February 24, 2022, a student of the 311 group of FIPK specialty 6B011100- “Physics-Informatics” Aitan Dinar, during pedagogical practice in Taldykorgan, in the village of Yerkin KMM of secondary school No. 11 named after E. Berlikozhauly, held an open lesson in the 9th “b” class on the topic “Planck’s Hypothesis”. During the lesson, Dinar achieved the intended result, aiming to use Planck’s formula when setting the problem, to explain the phenomenon of the photoelectric effect. During the lesson, students skillfully used techniques of working in groups, in pairs. Teacher of educational programs in pedagogical informatics N. Ermakova highly appreciated the lesson conducted by the student.