Healthy lifestyle

On March 16, 2022, students of the 2nd year of the specialty Chemistry-Biology of the Higher School of Natural Sciences and the curator of the group Ukusheva T.K. held a curatorial hour on the topic “Healthy lifestyle”. The purpose of the event: educating students of a healthy lifestyle, personal hygiene, proper nutrition, physical education and sports, prevention of bad habits, promotion of harmful substances and tobacco smoking for a young body. To instill in young people the ability to avoid bad habits and good habits. At one time, the great thinker Socrates was asked the following question: “What is more precious to a person in life,” wealth or fame?”. Then Socrates said: neither wealth nor fame can make a person truly happy. A healthy poor man is better than a sick rich man. That is, in order for a person to be happy, he needs health, and the key to health is well-being. Let’s pay attention to our health, we will eat right, we will follow the daily routine and avoid bad habits.