The contest

Zhetysu University named after I. Zhansugurov announces the competition “Best thesis” dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the university. Thesis and projects of students of Zhetysu University named after I. Zhansugurov 2021-2022 of defense in the following areas are accepted for participation in the competition:
• Pedagogy and psychology;
• Humanitarian sciences;
• Law and economics;
• Natural Sciences;
• Technical science;
• Physical culture and art.

Criteria for evaluating competitive works:
• substantiation of the relevance of the stated topic, clarity of the purpose and objectives of the study;
• scientific content, originality and significance of the work;
• availability of at least one publication on the topic of the thesis (project);
• availability of approbation at conferences of the republican and international level;
• erudition, consistency and argumentation of presentation;
• independence of work, no plagiarism;
• the correctness of the design of a scientific work in accordance with the requirements for a scientific publication (list of references, rules for footnotes, annotation);
• the quality of the sources used, the elaboration of theoretical and practical issues related to the research topic and revealing the problems of the designated topic. The ability of a graduate student to apply the considered theoretical provisions in a practical plane, the completeness of the proposed solution, the compliance of the obtained solution with the research objectives.
Official languages of the competition: Kazakh, Russian and English.
Participation in the competition is free.

To participate in the competition, the applicant sends the following documents:
1) Application (according to Appendix 1);
2) Diploma work or project (according to Appendix 2);
3) At least one publication on the topic of the thesis (project).
Requirements for applicants:
At the time of the competition, be a student of Zhetysu University named after I. Zhansugurov 2021-2022 of defense.
Job submission requirements:
The works submitted for the competition must contain the results of relevant scientific research and be of great practical importance.
The total volume of the attached documents should not exceed 10 typewritten pages (WORD 6.0 (7.0), in Times New Roman font (font size – 12, line spacing – 1.0, margins on all sides – 20 mm) indent at the beginning of a paragraph is standard – 1.25 cm).
In the center – the title of the work in capital letters in bold. Separated by a space are the initials and surname of the author. On the next line, the name of the organization, city and email address of the author. The body text starts on one line.
After receiving applications and formal verification, applications and works are sent to the commission for verification, hearing and evaluation of works.
Stages of the Competition:

  1. Acceptance of applications – from April 1 to April 29, 2022;
  2. Formal verification of submitted applications – from May 3 to May 12, 2022;
  3. Defense/Presentation of theses and projects in front of a commission in areas – from May 13 to May 20, 2022;
  4. Evaluation by the commission of submitted applications – from May 23 to May 27, 2022;
  5. Announcement of results and presentation – from May 30 to June 3, 2022
    In each direction, the winners and prize-winners will be awarded with diplomas of I degree (no more than 1 student), II degree (no more than 2 students), III degree (no more than 3 students) with commemorative prizes.
    An electronic version of the application and work (with indication of the direction) must be sent by e-mail Materials that do not meet the specified requirements or are sent after the deadline are not considered and are not returned to the author.

Entries will be defended on the ZOOM Meeting platform.
By the time of the speech in the directions, there will be an additional message.

Address of the organizing committee: 040009, Taldykorgan, st. Zhansugurova 187 A, Zhetysu University. I. Zhansugurova, Department of Science and Commercialization of Scientific Projects, room. 310.
Phone: (8-7282) 22-16-67 – 1193; e-mail: gylym.zhu@nauka