Jas ğalym

On April 21, 2022, the results were summed up and progress reports were heard on 7 projects for the commercialization of the results of scientific and scientific and technical activities of young scientists “Jas ğalym” implemented from May 1, 2021 to April 30, 2022:

1. Abdulaeva Aigerim “Creation of the MOOC “Laboratory work in physics””;

2. Asylbekova Shynar “Mobile application” ZhEDUniver “”;

3. Akhmetov Zhalgas “Production of an extruder for plastic recycling”;

4. Gusenov Barkhudar “Mechanism for increasing the competitiveness of the agro-industrial complex and the quality of agricultural products”;

5. Yeseikyzy Aiym “Online learning platform for teachers “Digital Educational Resources”;

6. Zhakanov Daulet “Creation of the Scavenger robot for collecting plastic bottles”;

7. Orazbayeva Asel “Development of geoinformation system “Aura.delivery” in the city of Taldykorgan”.

As the results of the proper fulfillment of the tasks assigned to the research group, confirmations were accepted for the following types of work performed:

− A finished technical product (working prototype) that meets the directions of the competition, or a full-fledged service for the purpose of further implementation, or an industrial design;

− Publication of at least 1 scientific article in a peer-reviewed international scientific publication (WoS, Scopus) and at least 1 scientific article in journals included in the base of the Committee for Quality Assurance in Education and Science (KOKSON) or RSCI;

− A patent or other certificate for intellectual property obtained/invented during the implementation of the tasks assigned to the Research Group.

All of the above results were met, supporting evidence provided.

According to the tender documentation, the final reports on the completion of projects are subject to state registration with the National Center for State Science and Technology Engineering, which makes it possible to further participate in competitions for grant financing of RNTD commercialization projects.