Summer field practice  students of the Higher School of Natural Sciences in the direction of OP 6B01509 – “Geography”, 6B01510 – “Geography-History” was carried out along the route of the weather station – Koktal A/O – Balykty River, according to the “Key Sites” method.

In the meteorological station of the 2nd category of Taldykorgan, students got acquainted with the equipment and meteorological monitoring. Hydrometric observations and measurements were carried out in a key area in the lower reaches of the Balykta River. On the soil pits of the studied areas, in the soil section, samples were taken from each layer and the structure was described. At the geobotanical site, the state of the vegetation cover was studied and a herbarium was collected. The relief of the area was studied and a comprehensive physical and geographical description was carried out.

During the training field practice, students received primary professional skills in observing and researching processes and phenomena in the natural environment, consolidated and deepened the theoretical knowledge gained during the training.