On September 6, 2022, a seminar was held on the topic “Online teaching experience: advantages and disadvantages” (Online teaching experience: advantages and disadvantages), which was conducted by a professor at Marmara University (Istanbul, Republic of Turkey) Erhan Dogan. The seminar was held for employees, teaching staff and young scientists of the university. The professor shared his experience in online teaching, which all universities of the world faced during the pandemic. The form of online teaching and distance learning has become popular and is gaining momentum to this day.

In this regard, educational institutions are faced with the issues of software provision, the organization of the educational process and the impact on the part of students. Incredibly, but it is a fact, however, during the pandemic, the quality of education associated with high grades in education has increased dramatically. The professor raised the issue of high grades among students during online training and expressed doubts about this, shared his experience of detecting plagiarism in exam and scientific papers of students. The seminar was held in the form of a discussion, the teaching staff of Zhetysu University shared their experience in online teaching and distance learning.