“Happy family – a world without violence!”

09/14/2022, as part of the Year of Children at the ZHANSUGUROV COLLEGE, Zhetysu University named after  I. Zhansugurov, the actions “Happy family – a world without violence!”, “Prevention of early pregnancy” and “Prevention of the use of psychotropic substances among young people and adults” were held. Purpose: to direct students to establish non-violent relationships, teach humanity, work, decency, goodwill, strive to avoid bad habits. The meeting was attended by the senior inspector of the group for the protection of women from violence of the local police department of internal affairs  of the police department of the city of Taldykorgan, police major Gulvira Imankhatovna, who lives in the city of Taldykorgan, Zhetysu region – specialist of the Center for Social Assistance to Victims of Violence Taperova Mira Temirkhanovna, lawyer of the Public Association “Taldykorgan Regional Women’s Support Center” Alatau » Karlygas, psychologist Skoblyashova Olga, psychologist of the social center “Zhanuya” for large and low-income families Kazhimukhanova Fariza Sultanovna, detective of the Office for Combating Drug Crime of the Police Department of the Zhetysu Region Police Colonel Iskakova Meruert Seitovna and specialist of the regional mental health center Shevnenko (or Shevchenko) T.I.

Organizers of the event: teacher of the Kazakh language and literature Naimanbaeva G. B. and head of the women’s club “Senim”, teacher of biology Karasaeva A. I.